Business underwear for men - Made in Germany

Specially made for use under business wear-"Invisible" under the outer shirt

ALBERT KREUZ  - business underwear – not only a new brand

ALBERT KREUZ: men’s business underwear – since the launch of the online shop at november 2008 the little company made a significant growth.

The founder, Mr. Uwe Schmidt, a former insurance employee and typical business man who dressed business shirt, tie and formal jacket every day, discovered that in the middle of a full market of every kind of different types of men’s underwear there is something missing: underwear fitting perfectly for business men. There are a lot of manufacturers offering undershirts, briefs and shorts in every imaginable form, but the real business underwear was missing. Every time that Mr. Schmidt looked for perfect fitting underwear there was some detail missing.

That’s why he decided to do it on his own:

Idea, foundation, design of the first business undershirt – search for high quality fabrics and a German manufacturing company – first handmade business undershirt is ready and tested. Here we are: The new brand is born and the first ALBERT KREUZ men’s business undershirt is sold in the German online shop of ALBERT KREUZ

But what is the difference between a normal undershirt and a business undershirt?

The body fitting cut, the type of the neckline and other special details make the undershirt nearly “invisible” under a business shirt – it seems nearly a second skin. No ugly borders are shining through the business shirt. The cut of the business undershirt is extra long – in this way it prevents from slipping out of the trousers – even if you wear it in a very “moved” meeting. The sewing and the cut of the sleeves are adapted to those of the business shirt and therefore covered by the shirt. The special v-neck allows to wear the busines shirt also with 1 button unbuttoned - nothing can be seen! The founder of ALBERT KREUZ added also other little details – such as the application of the labels in a place where it makes no trouble. At least finest body fitting fabrics make the business underwear of ALBERT KREUZ a high comfort body wear.

At the beginning the founder was not yet convinced if the new kind of products will be accepted in the internet-market-place – but the surprise came immediately:

The people started to buy, test and recommend the ALBERT KREUZ business undershirts. It seemed nearly a “secret tip” – who got the information about the new brand seemed to be privileged. More and more orders came and the little company started to grow.

With the orders also new ideas arrived. ALBERT KREUZ customers are not only anonymous “buyers”, but are active and with their ideas ALBERT KREUZ realized a lot of changes and innovations. The customers of business underwear tell what they need, what they want and what they think about the products. And yes, they are happy with the new inventions of ALBERT KREUZ. It seemed that just these kind of products where missing on the market!

After the first “invisible undershirt” invented by the owner Uwe Schmidt in 2008 in the classic white color, ALBERT KREUZ started a real little revolution:

Nude/skin color for men! Who tried to think about this before? Years and years this color was exclusively used for the woman underwear market and now here it is: the first invisible skin/nude color undershirt for men!

After this invention new undershirts with deep-v-neck where added to the range of products. The deep-v-neck permits the use of business shirts even with 1-2 buttons unbuttoned. Also the ALBERT KREUZ boxers, shorts, trunks and briefs are extremely comfortable and can be used in a nearly “invisible” way under the trousers.

After the launch of men’s trunks, shorts and briefs, ALBERT KREUZ added to the range of products also business socks and knee high socks with different kind of functions and in finest quality. The special detail: the colors of shorts and business socks are the same. Therefore you can combine for exambple red boxers with business knee high socks in the same color. This is “real style” for men!

But ALBERT KREUZ does not stop at the underwear… as his underwear is specially created for the perfect business man, it is clear that dress codes must be considered.

Therefore the ALBERT KREUZ silk accessories made of finest Italian pure silk are the final touch for the business outfit of every stylish man. Tie ore bow-tie at your personal measure, scarves or cummerbund – in the silk accessory shop of ALBERT KREUZ you can find whatever you desire for every kind of occasion – business or ceremonial.

It seemed that from this moment on – everything imaginable was done in ALBERT KREUZ’S growths. But no… Since the end of 2010 the company started to expand on the international market: the online shops for Italy and for international buyers have been launched. The first orders from abroad started.

The headquarters are located in Teltow , South Berlin, Germany and the company ALBERT KREUZ is looking forward together with the loyal customers to a fascinating future business expansion.  

ALBERT KREUZ focused from the beginning on quality and tradition MADE IN GERMANY and with this on the protection of environment and fair working conditions: short transport, long life high quality products, high-tech fibers with positive eco-balance as alternative to the classic cotton – traditional manufacturing in Middle-Saxon.

That’s what ALBERT KREUZ stands for: inventor, designer, manufacturer.

You want to continue with standard underwear? It’s your choice: wear ALBERT KREUZ’s men's business underwear– second skin feeling!


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