tie-scarf red wine, violet - tone in tone, design 200036

Product number: 200036-SK

tie-scarf or ascot - pure silk - handmade

Delivery after manufacturing
tie-scarf red wine, violet - tone in tone, design 200036

This beautiful tie scarf is handmade of pure natural Italian silk by our traditional German manufacturing facility Stange-Berlin. We offer the scarf in two different models: as tie scarf or as ascot. The most used silk quality for ascots and tie scarves is the printed silk or the satin silk. This way the scarf is very light and breezy and perfectly suitable to be worn under the classical shirt. 

Tie scarf
The tie scarf is a double-layer silk scarf - of finest pure silk on the inside and outside. The tails are linear and the middle part (collar part) is narrow. With a length of approx. 122 cm the tie scarf can be tied perfectly.  

Lightly tied, the tie scarf fits perfectly with shirt and jacket and adds a touch of classiness to your business outfit or your festive evening dress.  

The cut of the ascot is very similar to the classic tie. Characteristically is the pointed tail on one end and the very narrow tail with the sewn loop on the other end. As well as the tie scarf, the ascot is also made of double-layer silk with the same fine quality and design on both sides. We do not just use low-cost fabric for the backside. The ascot is worn under the collar of the shirt and being just lightly tied, it fits perfectly with a suit or jacket. The loop helps to keep the ascot in its place. Whether you want to wear the ascot with your business dress or with your evening dress - this silk accessory alway adds the right tone of style to your dress. 
Please note that your ascot or tie scarf is custom-made by the manufacturing facility after your order. Your personal silk accessory will be delivered to you within 7-10 days. 

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Type of accessory
ascots, tie-scarves
silk - heavy weight
Accessories - handmade after order