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women's invisible undershirt nude-colored short sleeves cotton

Product number: 206300-BE

Attention: Wrong size label's on product! * Women's invisible business undershirt with short sleeves nude-colored with special deep and wide U-neck made of finest stretch-cotton - ideal under the business dress.

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Invisible women’s business undershirt with short sleeves made of stretch-cotton, nude color

Attention*: The size labels on the product are wrong. Just order your needed size and please ignore the label on the shirt!

It is a known problem and a challenging situation: underwear being visible through a fine blouse - especially a bra - or unpleasant sweat marks under the arms. Transparent underwear can be pretty in private but is rather not appropriate in business life.

Many women choose to wear a tank top to cover their bra, yet it does not provide hygiene and protection, especially under the arms. Many fabrics used for outerwear tend to stimulate perspiration with the consequence of embarrassing sweat marks on the blouse, sometimes even on the blazer. Upon high demand, ALBERT KREUZ now offers the first women’s undershirt to wear under a business outfit.

The skin color business undershirt is ideal under any blouse and blazer. Only high-quality cotton with a small part of spandex is used. Moisture can be absorbed and diffused without leaving marks on the outerwear. The undershirt stays invisible and does not appear through the blouse. The deep V-neckline is tailored in a special way to cover the bra perfectly to ensure that it is not visible. The extra-long cut and the slender waist shape guarantee a perfect fit. The undershirt cannot slip out of the skirt or trousers and moreover, there is no bothering neck tag.

The very light stretch-cotton with a weight of only 130 g/m2 is particularly soft and adapts to the own body shape without constricting. The premium quality of the Mako-cotton used for this shirts is characterized by its softness and its smooth, comfortable structure.

The advantages of ALBERT KREUZ:

  • Invisible thanks to the nude colour
  • Special deep-v neck to ensure the bra is hidden
  • Slim fit, waist-shaped and extra-long – fits like a second skin
  • Short sleeves to absorb moisture avoiding sweat stains
  • Premium quality Made in Germany

Material composition:
92% cotton
8% spandex

Fabric weight:
130 g/m²

Care instructions:
Machine wash hot at 60° C / 140° F
Iron at medium temperature max. 150° C / 300° F
Tumble dry, gentle cycle
Do not bleach
Do not dry-clean

* Size labels on product and packaging are wrong:

Size on product Real size (which you order)
Sleeve form
short sleeves
cotton / spandex
Collar form
deep u-neck

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