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Plastron pure silk wedding tie, cream design 200289

Product number: 200289-SPB

Plastron pure silk - wedding tie handmade

Delivery after manufacturing Delivery time: 5 - 10 Days

Plastron pure silk  wedding tie - Plastron for ceremonial occasions


this really beautiful and elegant silk plastron - also known as wedding tie is handmade by Stange - German silk accessories manufacturer. The plastron is a perfect accessory for elegant wedding clothing.

The pointed tops of the plastron are hidden by a vest. The neck part is adjustable and can be adopted to the personal size.

If the plastron is used for a wedding - his color should match the wedding dress color. The Plastron with design number 200289 is nominated "cream" - a quite clear color, sometimes nominated as "milk" or "champagne". It fits perfectly to most of the cream colored wedding dresses.

If you desire another accessory like a matching cummerbund, bow-tie or handkerchief, just type the design number 200289 in the search field on the left side.

After your order, the plastron will be prepared handmade by the manufacturer within some days and sent by parcel service. Please contact us if you need the plastron really urgently or if you have any special wish for your silk accessory. Just ask us - nearly everything is possible! Contact us at or give us a call at +49 3328 3310370.

The return policy cannot be applicated for items which will be prepared personally for the customer after the order.


Plastron / wedding tie: 

100% pure Italien silk (Region Como)


Type of accessory
silk - heavy weight

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