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Men's mulesing-free merino wool undershirt short sleeves crew neck invisible beige

Product number: 104300-WEM

Ultrafine mulesing-free merino wool undershirt with crew neck and short sleeves in nude beige. Natural active fiber - thermo-regulating, breathable and moisture controlling
100% Merino wool (certified mulesing-free)


As size orientation, please measure your chest and compare with our size guide. If you are between two sizes, choose the smaller one for a narrow fit and the bigger one for a loose fit. ALBERT KREUZ men's undershirts are longer than usual so that they stay tucked in.

Product size / label 4 / S 5 / M 6 / L 7 / XL 8 / XXL 9 / 3XL 10 / 4XL
International size S M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL
Chest in cm 86-96 94-102 102-109 107-117 115-125 123-133 131-141
Chest in inches 34-37.8 37.4-40.1 40.1-42.9 42.1-46.1 45.3-49.2 48.4-52.3 51.6-55.5

Invisible men's mulesing-free merino wool undershirt with crew neck and short sleeves nude beige - new cut

Thanks to its wool quality, this invisible merino wool undershirt is a high-class product. Merino wool is a natural product with exceptionally fine fibers, which make it the softest wool available. With less than 16 micron, the fibers used in this shirt are ultrafine, so that the shirt feels soft and luxuriously gentle on your skin. In addition, merino is an active fiber and reacts to changing temperatures: it helps your body to stay warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather. Merino wool can also absorb moisture and odors from sweat, thus offering great comfort.
Merino wool is an all-rounder, which nature couldn't have created any better.
  • Moisture control
  • Thermally regulating
  • Odor resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Self-cleaning
Merino fibers attract water molecules and absorb them into the internal structure of the fiber. They have the ability to absorb up to approximately a third of their own weight in water without feeling wet. At the same time, the exterior of the fiber is water repelling and releases water a lot faster than other fabrics, i.e. cotton. Thus, this natural fabric offers good breathability with natural moisture control. The skin stays dry and the undershirt does not feel wet. The upper garments are protected because water vapor will be released through the wool fibers, thereby preventing sweat stains
In addition, the crimp in wool fibers is responsible for the softness of the wool. It also adds bulk and traps a large volume of air between the fibers (up to 85% of the total volume), giving it good insulation properties. Who does not remember our grandmothers’ recommendation to wear woolen underwear in winter? Today we know that a wool undershirt is good to wear all year round. Due to its thermally regulating characteristics, it warms in winter and cools in summer. At the same time, this functional shirt is ultra-light and hardly felt on the skin.
Besides, wool has another natural characteristic especially appreciated in relation to underwear:
Due to the high elasticity of the fibers, wool is resistant to dirt and does hardly wrinkle. Compared to synthetic fibers wool also has the advantage to be odor resistant and has a natural self-cleaning function. Odors absorbed by the fibers will be released to the atmosphere so that wool smells neutral again after airing out for a short time. An undershirt made of merino wool gives you safety, comfort and hygienically protection on a full stressful business day or while hiking several days in a row.
With all these positive characteristics, merino undershirts are not only unique to wear in business but also ideal for indoor and outdoor sports where they serve as a natural intermediate layer.
Of course, the merino undershirt also offers all well-proven ALBERT KREUZ advantages:
  • Invisible thanks to the beige color
  • Perfect fit for high wearing comfort
  • Extra-long - stays tucked in
  • Particularly short sleeve length allows wearing the undershirt under a short sleeve shirt or polo
  • Crew neck – ideal under a buttoned up dress shirt
  • No annoying neck tags
Are you unsure which size to order? Use our size guide, give us a call (+493328 3310370) or email us at Do not forget to indicate your size, your weight, your physique and whether you prefer a tight or loose fit. We are always happy to give advice.
Material composition:
100% Merino wool
fiber fineness: <16 micron, ultrafine
fabric weight: 160 g/m²
Care instructions:
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle max. 30° C / 85° F or wool setting
Iron at low temperature max. 110° C / 230° F
Do not tumble dry
Do not bleach
Do not dry-clean
Do not use softener
Sleeve form
short sleeves
Collar form
pure merino wool
Cooling - dry skin

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