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Nude color underwear - the perfect way to remain invisible

Invisible underwear by ALBERT KREUZ

Why is skin colored underwear actually invisible?

The secret is actually simple and well-known for a long time - if you look at women's underwear market. ALBERT KREUZ is the first manufacturer who now successfully uses skin-colored underwear for men.

Our business underwear for men is made of a fabric with a special "nude" color, similar to the human skin color and thus reducing the contrast to the own skin tone. Therefore the undershirts, briefs or boxer briefs can be worn under any kind of clothing without them being visible. Underwear lines, especially at sleeve endings or at the neckline remain invisible even under very fine dress shirts! Even the classic "tank top undershirt", which is not really suitable for business wear due to the straps shining through under the dress shirt, now also finds its way into business clothing thanks to the skin colored underwar for men.

Especially the high-quality and modern dress shirts are often very transparent and fine - underwear is therefore quite clearly visible. In order to be well-groomed, ALBERT KREUZ now offers an "invisible" solution with its skin-colored underwear: neither sleeves nor straps or neckline shine through under the outer shirt - the underwear remains invisible!

Especially in business, style and etiquette are of great importance. An impeccable appearance is expected. Visible underwear is neither desirable nor stylish at the workplace. To avoid sweat marks on the outerwear, it is essential to wear an undershirt. With skin-colored underwear, this requirement is now easily met. Even if you wear light or bright dress pants, our nude colored boxer briefs and briefs are the answer as the contrast to the own skin tone is reduced so that the underwear does not shine through.

Be on the safe side that your underwear really remains "underneath" and invisible and check out our range of "invisible underwear". 

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