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100% cotton for finest men's underwear - buy now

Finest men's undershirts made of 100% pure organic cotton - the perfect fabric for ALBERT KREUZ underwear

Cotton is the most used product in a variety of areas. For millennia the product of the cotton plant is used for human clothing. Cotton has excellent warming characteristics, it can store up to 65 percent of its own weight in moisture without dripping and is particularly skin-friendly because of its fineness and softness. In addition, cotton fibers are very firm, yet fine and cuddly. Due to their boil-proof nature they are also also extremely hygienic.
Underwear made of 100% pure organic cotton = 100% nature = 100% comfort guaranteed. 
Material composition:
100% Pure Organic Cotton
155 g/m²

Care instructions:
Machine wash hot at 60° C / 140° F
Iron at medium temperature max. 150° C / 300° F
Tumble dry, gentle cycle
Do not use softener
Do not bleach
Do not dry-clean
"Berlin" series - for those who love natural clothing and the feeling of pure 100% organic cotton!

The "Berlin" series offers two different men's undershirt models:

1. The classic sleeveless "tank top" style undershirt with special v-neck which enables to leave one button open at the collar of the dress shirt - the neckline of the undershirt remains invisible. The arm cutout is in the same position as the sleeve seams of most commercial dress shirts. Thus, the undershirt is invisible in the shoulder area - the annoying shining through of undershirt straps can be avoided. The special length and the close-fitting cut complete the wearing comfort.

2. The short sleeve v-neck model. This business undershirt is the ideal alternative to wearing a t-shirt under the dress shirt. The close-fitting cut fits like a second skin and thanks to the special length it stays tucked into pants. The fine organic cotton ensures a comfortable fit. The specially designed v-neck enables to leave one button open at the collar of the dress shirt - the neckline of the undershirt remains invisible.

ALBERT KREUZ men's undershirts of the "Berlin" series are always the first choice for lovers of 100% cotton! The knitwear of the fine fabric provides a natural elasticity. Even without spandex, the undershirts of the "Berlin" series are still very elastic. Whoever prefers cotton with a higher shape retention and an even more distinct cut, ALBERT KREUZ offers men's undershirts of the "Hamburg" series which are made of finest cotton with a low spandex content. These shirts keep their shape even after a long day.

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