Dry skin underwear - functional fabric made of stretch cotton and Coolmax - body temperature regulating undershirts and boxer briefs

Functional Coolmax® underwear - undershirts with special characteristics!

With the Coolmax series, ALBERT KREUZ offers functional undershirts and boxer briefs with a special thermo-regulating function. Thanks to the ingenious high-tech fiber mix of cotton, Coolmax® and spandex, moisture is deviated away from the body and finely crosslinked and released via the fibers of the undershirt, thus keeping the skin dry and yet the outer shirt does not get wet. The undershirt serves as a regulating layer - it warms in winter and cools in summer. Perfect also for business when stressful meetings in overheated rooms alternate with work in less heated or cold air-conditioned rooms.

The fabric is highly breathable and has a very fine structure which feels almost like silk. The smooth undershirts and boxer briefs have a close-fitting cut. Moisture management combined with elegance, maximum comfort and premium quality.

ALBERT KREUZ functional ClimaCool underwear is made of a perfect mix of Cotton, Polyester (Coolmax®) and Spandex for a perfect fit.