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Dry skin underwear - functional fabric made of stretch cotton and Coolmax - body temperature regulating undershirts and boxer briefs

"Dry skin" functional underwear - undershirts with special characteristics!

With the "dry skin" series, ALBERT KREUZ offers functional undershirts and retro shorts with a special thermo-regulating function. Thanks to the ingenious special high-tech fiber mix, moisture will be transported away from the body and released to the outside via the fine microfibers. Sweat stains on the dress shirt are avoided. Especially in business situations it is important to minimize the consequences of sweating with the right underwear. The undershirt warms in winter and excellently regulates perspiration in summer or in overheated buildings in winter.

The cotton-Coolmax mix acts like an integrated air-condition - the skin remains dry, no matter if the temperature is low or high. The fabric is highly breathable and has a very fine structure that feels almost like silk. The smooth undershirts and boxer shorts have a close-fitting cut. Moisture management combined with elegance, maximum comfort and premium quality Made in Germany.

ALBERT KREUZ "dry skin" series underwear is made of 56% cotton, 34% polyester (Coolmax) and 10% spandex for a perfect fit. The fabric weight is 165g/m².

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