Merino wool - naturally regulates moisture and temperature. Underwear with high-tech features based on the principles of nature!

Underwear made of wool from the Merino sheep

Merino wool = 100% feel-good guarantee

Merino wool is a functional fabric given by nature. It is common to think that a wool undershirt has to "scratch". But that's not the case! With a fiber fineness of less than 16 microns, our merino wool fabrics belong to the top category for fineness - "ultrafine" - and are therefore not only absolutely scratch-free but also particularly fine and soft on the skin. This high degree of fineness makes the essential difference.

We no longer produce our 100% merino wool undershirts and are phasing out the pure merino wool series (see: Ending articles). Why? The advantages of the merino wool-Tencel series outweigh the disadvantages. Especially when it comes to longevity and thus susceptibility to moths. Pure merino wool is a real "tidbit" and attracts that one moth you never wish you would have seen in your household. This results in an unattractive "hole pattern" on your undershirt and the joy about the classy underwear is quickly over. Thanks to the combination with TENCEL™ Lyocell, the usual "shrinkage" is also reduced to a minimum.

Now what exactly makes the difference?

In our new merino wool-Tencel series, the fine merino wool is covered with TENCEL™ Lyocell. This results in an unsurpassed combination in terms of fabric properties, comfort and durability. On the one hand ultra-fine merino wool, on the other hand TENCEL™ Lyocell, known for natural comfort and an environmentally conscious production process with a closed cycle. TENCEL™ Lyocell stands for efficient moisture management and gives the skin a cool and dry feeling - day and night. The result is feel-good underwear with thermoregulatory and odor-resistant properties. Due to the TENCEL™ Lyocell content, the fiber is more robust than pure merino wool and therefore more durable. At just 160 g/m², the fabric is so fine and light that the undershirt is hardly felt. There are no studies on this, but we assume that it is precisely this coating of the wool fiber with TENCEL™ Lyocell that makes the difference regarding moths. Apparently, a fabric of this combination does not "taste" as well.

Properties of merino wool-Tencel:

  • Moisture-regulating
  • Heat-regulating
  • Odor resistant
  • Dirt-repellent
  • Self-cleaning
In addition to the efficient moisture management of TENCEL™ Lyocell, there are the natural properties of merino wool:

Merino fibers attract water molecules and absorb them into the internal structure of the fiber. They have the ability to absorb up to approximately a third of their own weight in water without feeling wet. At the same time, the exterior of the fiber is water repelling and releases water a lot faster than other fabrics, i.e. cotton. Thus, this natural fabric offers good breathability with a natural moisture control. The skin stays dry and the undershirt does not feel wet. The upper garments are protected because water vapor will be released through the wool fibers, thereby preventing sweat stains. In addition, the crimp in wool fibers is responsible for the softness of the wool. It also adds bulk and traps a large volume of air between the fibers (up to 85% of the total volume), giving it good insulation properties. Who does not remember our grandmothers’ recommendation to wear wool underwear in winter? Today we know that a wool undershirt is good to wear all year round. Due to its thermo-regulating characteristics, it warms in winter and cools in summer. At the same time, this functional shirt is ultra-light and hardly felt on the skin.

Due to the high elasticity of the fibers, wool is resistant to dirt and does hardly wrinkle. Compared to synthetic fibers wool also has the advantage to be odor resistant and has a natural self-cleaning function. Odors absorbed by the fibers will be released to the atmosphere so that wool smells neutral again after airing out for a short time. An undershirt made of merino wool gives you safety, comfort and hygienically protection on a full stressful business day or while hiking several days in a row.

Ideal as underwear for every day - whether in the office, for indoor sports or outdoor activities!

Merino wool-Tencel composition:
48% TENCEL™ Lyocell
47% Merino wool (fiber fineness <16 Mikron ultrafine, mulesing free)
5% Spandex
fabric weight: 160 g/m²

Care instructions:
Wool cycle max. 30° C / 85° F
Do not iron (only 100% merino wool can be ironed at max. 110° C / 230° F)
Do not tumble dry
Do not bleach
Do not use softener
Do not dry-clean
Do not dry in the sun