Laser cut seamless

This special underwear has a seamless construction due to innovative laser cut technology: invisible under clothing thanks to the raw seam cut at the edges.

Seamless underwear for men and women - invisible under your garment. The perfect solution in business!

ALBERT KREUZ Laser cut underwear without seams or hems

The special feature of this type of underwear is the use of innovative laser cut technology. We use a special cotton fabric which can be cut, leaving part of the edges with raw seams finitions - no seams or hems are needed. Due to the extremely flat ends, the underwear is virtually not felt and fits like a second skin.

For our undershirts the laser cut technology is applied at the neckline, the sleeve openings and at the bottom of the undershirts. The flat "cut" ending is especially evident at the neckline - the undershirt remains invisible even under very fine dress shirts.

Men's briefs and boxer briefs as well as women's briefs and panties have raw seam endings at the leg openings, women's underpants additionally at the waist ending. This eliminates showing bothersome underwear lines, so that the underwear is invisible through clothing.