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Men's knee high socks - made in Germany

Business knee-high socks from ALBERT KREUZ - highest quality Made in Germany


Wearing the ALBERT KREUZ knee-high socks you are always perfectly dressed in all occasions: business, cerimony or leasure / sports. All knee-high socks are manufactured with high quality materials.

Knee-high suit socks are offered as Fil d'Ecosse cotton socks in black, navy, red, green or brown. For more comfort and a smooth feeling: cotton knee-highs with cashmere interior in black, navy or brown. For pure elegancy and luxury: silk knee-high socks in black. Anti-odor with the anti-bacterical silver-integrated cotton knee-high socks in black. For those who love natural wool - the best off wool: merino wool knee-high socks in anthracite-mélange. For a colorful style: knee-high multicolor stripe cotton socks. And finally for the travellers: comfortable black compression socks.

ALBERT KREUZ offers the right knee-high socks for every occasion - just choose your preferred socks and feel the difference!


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