Men's knee high socks - premium quality by German brand ALBERT KREUZ

ALBERT KREUZ Knee socks - perfect for business, they stay up all day - guaranteed!

Be perfectly dressed for all occasions with ALBERT KREUZ knee socks : business, festive, leasure or sports. Only finest Italian yarns are processed.

Knee-high dress socks are offered as Fil d'Ecosse cotton socks in black, navy-blue, red, green or brown. For more comfort and a softer feeling: cotton knee highs with cashmere interior in black, navy-blue or brown. For pure elegance and luxury: silk knee socks in black. Antibacterical knee-high cotton socks with silver fiber in black (anti-odor). For all who love natural wool - only the best off wool: Merino wool knee-high socks in anthracite-gray. For those who love color: knee-high multicolor striped cotton socks. And finally for all travellers: comfortable black compression socks.

ALBERT KREUZ offers perfect knee-high socks for every occasion - just choose your preferred socks and feel the difference!

Premium knee socks by ALBERT KREUZ should not be missing in any wardrobe - they complete the business outfit perfectly. Men's knee socks - premium quality by German brand ALBERT KREUZ.