Albert Kreuz Umwelt

Environmental protection and social commitment

ALBERT KREUZ customers value the perfect underwear and best customer service. But what about social and environmental aspects?

Our Approach:


  • Short distances between manufacturing sites, lower CO2 emission by:
    • Manufacturing facilities for underwear items in Germany and Portugal.
    • Fabric manufacturing and finishing in Austria, Germany, Italy and Portugal.
    • Manufacturing of item boxes, elastic bands, care labels, brand labels in Germany and Portugal.
  • No overseas shipments with large cargo vessels and heavy oil.
  • Textiles are not treated with pesticides.
  • No toxic substances on textiles due to compliance with European standards.
  • Customer data hosted on a server in Germany (Profihost AG). Electricity for the data center is obtained by 100% from renewable sources.
  • ALBERT KREUZ headquarters in Teltow is supplied by green electricity.
  • ALBERT KREUZ underwear lasts longer. Items, which last longer, do not need to be replaced that often, thus saving resources. In our view, one of the most important aspects of environmental protection.

Social commitment

  • Production sites in Germany and Europe with high social standards: No wage dumping, and certainly no child labor.
  • Manufacturing facilities are visited several times a year as part of our close and friendly cooperation.
Environmental protection and social commitment are not just trends, but an integral part of the Albert Kreuz GmbH business philosophy from the beginning.

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