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Business Polos by ALBERT KREUZ pure luxury polos for men with style

ALBERT KREUZ men's polo shirts - pure luxury and quality Made in Germany

The new ALBERT KREUZ polo line is offered in two high quality versions:

Men's Polo "Business" and Men's Polo "Functional"

The men's "business" polo is a sporty, elegant black polo made of finest mercerized stretch-cotton - ideal for daily wear in business wherever it's allowed to dress a little less formal. With 97% mercerized cotton and 3% spandex, the polo has a perfect fit. For men who love the classic cotton feeling of a cotton-piqué polo.

The men's "functional" polo is a sporty, elegant black functional polo that regulates the climate in an effective way. In addition, the antibac SILVERPLUS equipped polo provides hygiene, protection and freshness.With this new ALBERT KREUZ polo you will get high quality, style and a perfect fit in combination with an effective bacteriostatic agent.

The new polo line has a light slim-fit cut and is longer than usually in order to fit your body perfectly.

Tip: Would you like to optimize the slim look of your polo shirt? Combine your polo with one of the the new ALBERT KREUZ shape undershirts! The perfect combination for an impeccable appearance!

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