About Albert Kreuz


Foundation of Albert Kreuz GmbH
The first item produced was a white sleeveless undershirt, long cut with a v-neck a little deeper than normal (part of today's "Berlin series"). Although searching intensively at the time, no such model could be found anywhere. Sales started and more fabric was bought from the profit. Success began to build up step by step.
ALBERT KREUZ is first again

The first nude / beige undershirt for men was manufactured. A novelty worldwide! At first, it was met with many doubts, but the beige colored undershirt becomes the best selling product and the first choice of our customers.

The collection is growing. Many new products are launched - with new fabrics and new colors, especially for men's boxer briefs.
Participation in the German TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (German version of "Shark tank")

No Deal. Reason: Proft margin too low, products are not interesting enough. However, the brand becomes more known and continues to grow fast.
Women undershirts

The first collection of ALBERT KREUZ women's undershirts was born. At first with just one model to try it out. The demand was great. Several models for women follow.
Expansion of manufacturing

A new manufacturing facility for the production of ALBERT KREUZ underwear is added to the German manufacturing facility. When looking for a factory capable of producing the new "laser cut" products which requires advanced technology, we found the ideal facility in Portugal. Part of the collection will now be produced in Portugal and thus complete our German production. Portuguese manufacturing is ultra-modern and offers all the necessary technology for the new products. Top principles remain: maximum quality and fair production and working conditions.
Laser Cut Underwear - Merino Wool - Scarves

Laser Cut underwear for men and women is introduced. There are no seams at the edges. Other new items: Merino wool underwear and cashmere scarves.

A virus takes over

Corona spreads and overshadows everything. Hardly anyone is interested in fine underwear. What to do? Short-time work? There is a need for face coverings. We start with the production of masks. Manufacturing facilities, fabric manufacturers and shipping provider all join in. We have been producing and selling almost 100,000 masks in Germany since April 1st.