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Men's socks

Men's socks for business use: socks or knee-highs from ALBERT KREUZ - your feet will thank you!

Based on finest Italian yarn, the business socks are Made in Germany in a traditional manufactory. Hand-linked toes prevent uncomfortable bunching or rubbing. Elegant colors.

These are only some of the advantages of the handmade German men's socks by ALBERT KREUZ.

The socks are offered as special functional socks, for example men's socks or men's knee-high socks with silver-fibre (antibacterical-antiodor) or finest pure silk socks, silk knee-highs or the classical elegant Fil d'Ecosse cotton socks or cotton knee-high socks, high-tech socks and mixed fibre socks or knee-highs. All socks are perfectly suitable for a long business day and are also used in freetime and for sports. The perfect luxury is given by the cashmere interior socks and cashmere interior knee-high socks which offer a smooth and comfortable cashmere interior combined with a strong and long lasting cotton outside. Not only for the winter-time: finest merino wool socks, the thicker cashmere-cotton socks and silk-cotton-cashmere socks. For the perfect color style: multicolor striped socks. For every occasion the right socks from ALBERT KREUZ:

Choose your preferred suit socks using the color / material / thickness filter.


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