Men's undershirts / vests

ALBERT KREUZ undershirts for business and leisure - the right undershirt for every occasion

Whether it is because of the nude color or the special cut of the undershirts - adapted to the design of common dress shirts - ALBERT KREUZ business undershirts offer all you expect in quality and functionality. At the same time they are very comfortable - especially under dress shirts.

If you like to wear your dress shirt without a tie sometimes, choose one of our v-neck undershirts to make sure that the neckline remains invisible even if the dress shirt is not completely buttoned up. ALBERT KREUZ undershirts are extra-long and stay tucked in. We select only high quality fabrics Made in Germany or Austria. Our undershirts are made of 100% cotton, Cotton-Spandex-mix, Microfiber "MicroModal", Modal-Cotton or Coolmax-Cotton. The wide range of underwear models also includes functional shirts like "dry & cool" or compression "shapewear". Most models are available in white, black or invisible nude/beige - just choose the undershirt that meets your needs!

Choose you preferred style:

  • crew neck, v-neck, deep v-neck
  • sleeveless or short sleeves
  • classic white, elegant black or nude color for invisibility
  • Cooling - dry skin or shapewear for body-shaping

Not sure which size to order? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone +49 3328 3310370 or send an email to [email protected] and indicate your height, your weight, your physique and your preferred dress style - slim and close-fitting or a loose fit. We are always happy to assist.

High quality fabrics from German brand ALBERT KREUZ!

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