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Men's v-neck undershirts / v-shirts

ALBERT KREUZ v-neck undershirts - invisible under your shirt!

A tie is part of a business outfit - but do you like to wear your shirt without a tie sometimes? Then, a v-neck undershirt is the right choice. Underwear, which is visible under the shirt collar, might be okay in your free time, but in business, showing underwear is neither stylish nor desirable. That's why ALBERT KREUZ offers "invisible" men's undershirts. Choose between a short sleeve undershirt or a sleeveless undershirt. The special feature of the sleeveless undershirts: the armhole is covered by the arm seam of the outer shirt - the undershirt remains invisible. Undershirt straps which shine through a dress shirt are history now.

ALBERT KREUZ offers different v-necklines so that you can choose the right one depending on your needs: a normal v-neck and an extra deep v-neck so that you can always wear an undershirt that best suits your business attire. If you like to wear your dress shirt with 2-3 buttons open, choose the special deep v-neck model - your undershirt remains invisible!

All ALBERT KREUZ v-neck shirts have a slim and extra long cut. Thanks to the tight fit and the fine, high-quality materials, the undershirts fit like a second skin. There are no annoying neck tags. All v-neck undershirts are manufactured in Germany. Made in Germany for quality with a clear conscience!

V-neck undershirts - for a guaranteed stylish look - not only in business!

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