Crew neck / plain undershirts

ALBERT KREUZ crew neck undershirts - the classic version

A classic crew neck undershirt is perfect if you wear a dress shirt with tie or bow tie. All undershirts have a close-fitting cut and are extra-long so that they stay tucked in and fit like a second skin! In addition, there are no bothering neck tags which adds to the high wearing comfort!

Choose from a range of crew neck undershirts: short-sleeve undershirts, sleeveless undershirts or crew neck undershirts with straps. We offer the crew neck shirt not only in classic white and black color, it is also available as invisible crew neck business undershirt in nude/beige.

Tip: A crew neck undershirt also reliably covers chest hair or tattoos in the neckline area.

Men's undershirts with crew neck are made exclusively from finest fabrics. High quality by German brand ALBERT KREUZ.

If your wear your shirt without a tie from time to time, we recommend our v-neck undershirts.