What to wear under a dress shirt?

Men often ask themselves what to wear under a dress shirt

The invisible undershirt: A German invention complying with business etiquette and dress code

Business – undershirts support your career

Businessmen know this daily routine:

Getting ready for the office you put on a dress shirt matching your jacket and tie with the purpose of being well dressed, looking neat and perfect while respecting dress codes and business etiquette. Then the question arises:

Wear an undershirt under a dress shirt: Yes or No?

The PROS for wearing an undershirt are obvious:

  • armpit sweat stain protection
  • warming in the colder season
  • sweat-protection and “cooling” in the summer season
  • hiding body hair
  • hygienic reasons

But there are also CONS as an undershirt can easily “destroy” your business outfit:

  • Wearing a tank top: the straps clearly shine through your dress shirt which is really not suitable for business occasions!
  • If used as underwear, a t-shirt rarely has a slim fit cut and would form wrinkles under your dress shirt: the perfect shape is gone! In addition, the neck is too high so that it is impossible to wear the dress shirt with one or two buttons open. Attention also to the length – too short, the t-shirt can easily expose your belly button!
  • Heavy shirts may increase sweating and take away the slim shape.

So - how to achieve the PROS and avoiding the CONS?

The solution comes from the German Underwear Brand ALBERT KREUZ. The owner of the little company, located in the south of Berlin, invented the perfect men’s undershirt to wear under a business outfit:

Incredibly smooth, the new brand uses high quality very light pure organic cotton, softstretch-cotton or luxury microfiber (Micromodal) fabric. The undershirts are extra long with a slim fit so that they feel like a second skin.

  • A special v-neck (deeper and wider as usual) is low enough to be perfectly hidden under a dress shirt even with 1-2 buttons open – for more comfort even an extra deep-v-neck is offered!
  • The extra long cut allows tucking the undershirt into your pants so that it stays perfectly hidden!
  • The shorter than normal short-sleeves permit to hide the shirt even under a short-sleeve dress shirt or polo.
  • For those preferring a sleeveless version or tank top style, ALBERT KREUZ has a special tank top cut which ensures invisibility under the dress shirt as the arm-cut is just following the arm-line of the dress shirt. The straps won't shine through!

You are a perfectionist and don’t even want the white color of shoulder and torso shining through your dress shirt?

In this case ALBERT KREUZ offers the fully invisible underwear : nude/skin-colored undershirts for men!

Using nude-colored fabrics for undershirts, the contrast between undershirt and one’s own skin tone is reduced! The result: without a contrast, the undershirt won't be visible even under very light and transparent dress shirts! The ideal way to look neat and well dressed during a long business day – sweating and sweat marks are avoided and you can achieve every goal in your career! Your spirit and brain give the input and your undershirt protects you invisibly! Boost your career with an invisible undershirt!

The whole range of ALBERT KREUZ men’s underwear (undershirts, shorts, pants, slips, socks, knee-highs and more) is Made in Germany! Also the fabrics, yarns, labels & boxes are Made in Germany! The German producer says YES to fair trade, fair working conditions and the European economy!

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The invisible undershirt - the perfect solution under a business shirt!

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