Plastron polka dot bordeaux-white, design 200287

Product number: 200287-SP

Plastron pure silk - handmade

Delivery after manufacturing

Plastron polka dot bordeaux-white, design 200287

The plastron is probably the most classy silk accessory. It fits perfectly to a waistcoat and especially the monochrome satin silk is suitable for festive occasions. 

Our plastrons are handmade in our traditional German manufacturing facility Stange-Berlin. Only finest pure natural Italian silk is used. The plastron is already pre-tied and a plastron pin will be provided in order to fix the plastron. 
Select your preferred silk design from nearly 300 different beautiful desings. 
Please note that your silk plastron will be handmade by our manufacturing facility after your order. Your silk plastron will be shipped to you within max. 7-10 days. 
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Type of accessory
silk - medium weight
Accessories - handmade after order