Business Shape undershirts for men

ALBERT KREUZ Business Shapewear - perfect under a dress shirt at work

Shape your body - it's time now for men as well to consider the modern possibilities to shape the body efficiently. The stretch cotton shapewear offered by ALBERT KREUZ forms a perfect body under the dress shirt - your body appears fitter than ever!

Did you miss going to the gym? Or was there a little bit too much food for dinner, so that the result is showing now?

  • Are there "love handels" on your lower waist?
  • Does the belly hang over the waistband of your pants?
  • Don't you have a firm chest?

The easiest and quickest way to improve the look is to wear a shape undershirt! Thanks to the compression of the shape undershirt, problem areas are flattened. Form, shape and tone your body with the help of the close-fitting highly stretchable compression shape undershirt by ALBERT KREUZ. You'll see and feel the difference!

We offer the Shape undershirt in two versions:

  • Shape undershirt in nude beige - invisible

is the first choice for those who not only want to shape the "problem areas" but also want an invisible undershirt. The beige color shape undershirt is perfect for hiding what you don't want to show! Even under a white dress shirt nobody will notice the shape shirt!

  • Shape undershirt, white

for those who love the traditional white underwear this shape undershirt is perfect. With the deeper v-neck, it remains invisible under the dress shirt. Even if you ate more than usually over the weekend, you can appear in perfect shape at the office!

ALBERT KREUZ shapewear: made of high-quality cotton and spandex - hygienic, comfortable, breathable.