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Business Shape undershirts for men

ALBERT KREUZ Business Shapewear - the perfect way to dress under a work shirt


Shape your body  - also for men it's time now to consider the modern possibilities to shape the body in an efficient way. The stretch-cotton shapewear offered by ALBERT KREUZ gives you the perfect shape and under a business-shirt your body appears fitter than ever!

You missed the gym? The dinner was a little bit too much and these are the results?

  • "Love handels" bulking from your lower waist?
  • Belly hanging out?
  • Men's chest?


The easiest and quickest remedy is to use men's shapewear! Just use the compression of the shape undershirt to flatten your problem body areas. Firm, shape and tone your body with the help of a slimfit high-stretch compression shape undershirt by ALBERT KREUZ. You'll see and feel the difference!

We offer the new Shape undershirt in two versions:

  • Shape undershirt, nude - invisible

is the first choice for who wants not only to shape the "problem zones" but also that it remains completely invisible. The nude color shape undershirt is the perfect way to hide what you don't want to show - and even under a white business shirt nobody can see the shape shirt!

  • Shape undershirt, white

for those who love the traditional white underwear this shape undershirt is perfect. With the deeper v-neck it remains invisible under the business shirt. So even after a week-end with some more "eating" you can appear in a perfect shape in the office!

Shapewear by ALBERT KREUZ: only high quality cotton and spandex - hygienic, comfortable, breathable.

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