Atheltic and outdoor socks with graduated compression: maximize oxygen supply, support blood circulation

Athletic socks with light compression by ALBERT KREUZ

Compression stockings in sports prevent muscle cramps, improve endurance and accelerate regeneration - ideal support for fitness, running, marathon, walking, skiing, tennis and more. Muscles and ligaments are protected and blood circulation is improved during exercise due to compression from the calf down. A good oxygen supply of the muscles reduces lactate formation and thus a constriction of blood vessels. In addition, it helps muscular regeneration and prevents tired legs.

  • Better performance
  • Longer endurance
  • Faster regeneration

We offer knee-high compression running socks for athletes and knee-high compression outdoor trekking socks both in black with a light compression of 14-16 mmHg and knee-high compression running socks for athletes in white with a compression of 18-21 mmHg. Premium quality by German brand ALBERT KREUZ.