The invisible Business undershirt

Men's undershirt Micromodal

Businessmen and commercial travellers know the problem: If you wear an improper garment under your fine light-coloured dress shirt, this garment is clearly visible through the shirt. Often t-shirts are used (abused) as undershirts: They are too loose and therefore cause unattractive wrinkles. In addition, these t-shirts are too short and do not stay tucked in. If a businessman decides to wear his dress shirt with the top button open at the collar - evidently the garment under the shirt will be visible. This can be acceptetd in your free time, but it is neither stylish nor appropriate in a business environment.

ALBERT KREUZ sleeveless version

ALBERT KREUZ undershirts were especially invented to be worn under a business dress. The shirts fit the body perfectly, no wrinkles will form. The v-neck model remains invisible even if the dress shirt is worn with one button open at the collar. In addition, no scratching neck tags are applied. No matter if you choose undershirts made of pure cotton, with a low percentage of spandex or the luxurious MicroModal, ALBERT KREUZ always uses the finest materials, manufactured in Germany and Portugal. Therefore, any ALBERT KREUZ undershirt can become the favorite garment in your wardrobe.

Business Herrenunterhemd V-Ausschnitt ohne Arm reine Baumwolle Business Herrenunterhemd V-Ausschnitt ohne Arm 92% Baumwolle 8% Elastan Business Herren Unterhemd V-Ausschnitt ohne Arm 92% Micromodal 8% Elastan Herren Unterhemd-Light ohne Arm Stuttgart Weiss 92% Micromodal 8% Elastan

ALBERT KREUZ short-sleeve version
Undershirts or t-shirts with sleeves normally have the unpleasant side-effect that the sleeves are visible through the dress shirt. However, if you prefer to wear short sleeve shirts, you can choose our "invisible undershirt 2.0". The nude color of the undershirt is similar to the skin color and is responsible for the invisibility of the undershirt by limiting the color contrast - as already established in women's underwear. In addition, we decided to make the sleeves particularly short, so that the shirts can be worn under short-sleeve dress shirts or polos while still providing enough surface to absorb moisture effectively. That way the sleeves of the undershirts remain definitely invisible. We offer two different types of the invisible undershirt: one with normal v-neck and one with deep v-neck. The "deep v-neck" version has an extra large and deep neckline which remains invisible even under a very casual shirt with 2 buttons open at the collar.
Herren Unterhemd Hautfarbe tiefer V-Ausschnitt 92% Baumwolle 8% Elastan Herren Unterhemd-Light Deep-V-Neck Kurzarm Haut Stuttgart 92% Micromodal 8% Elastan Unsichtbares Unterhemd atmungsaktiv light Serie Stuttgart